If you’ve been around this page for a while, you know how I love turning what’s typically a giant meal into a fun, whimsical, and bite sized treat.  Well, that love is alive and kicking, as evidenced right here, right now.

Yep, you’re looking at a deep fried, spaghetti & meatball, one-bite-wonder.

A pop-in-your-mouth dinner for one, if you will.. in the form of crispy, crunchy, lightly fried angel hair pasta, snuggled deliciously around a perfectly seasoned, juicy and tender meatball.  ..ALL dressed up in a beautiful coat of saucy marinara dip!

You can thank me later, but for now.. go jazz up some spaghetti & meatballs, then let me know what you think…GO!

~ In a matter of minutes, you and all your closest friends and family.. (and strangely, some friends you didn’t even know you had), will make these disappear like magic!  ~Make LOTS!

What you’ll need for 2 dozen:

1/2 lb. angel hair pasta.. cooked and cooked completely

24 mini meatballs (fully cooked) from the frozen section..

2 eggs

1/2 cup grated parmesan

1 tbsp. italian seasoning

salt and pepper to taste

oil for frying..either veg, or canola

marinara sauce for dipping


Cook up the 1/2 lb. or so of pasta and let it FULLY COOL!  ..set aside

In a small bowl combine the 2 eggs, cheese, salt and pepper, and seasoning…

Pour the egg mixture into the cooled pasta…

Now, take a meatball (it’s fine if they’re still semi-frozen) .. and using a fork, or your clean hands, wrap the pasta around the meatball…

Place them individually it into a NON-STICK SPRAYED muffin tin and freeze them for at least 1 hour…

Take them out when your oil is ready, and gently use a knife to pry them out of the pan.. they will pop right out no prob.

Heat your oil to 350 degrees, and fry up one or two pasta bundles at a time, until they’re evenly golden…

Let them cool just a minute or two, if you can be patient…

And serve those babies up…

Don’t forget the marinara sauce!

And dig IN!  ~Enjoy!  🙂



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