I don’t know how it feels where you live, but here in Texas we are literally on fire.  It’s so hot that I’ve seriously considered buying a giant freezer just to sit in..haha.  So as you can imagine, snacking around these parts needs to be fast, easy, and most of all..COLD!

Cold snacks are a lifesaver, and these little gems have saved me.  Not only are they super refreshing, but they’re also SO delicious, juicy, and sweet.  Everything I need to cool off, and get back to being in a good mood again.. yep, these are good-mood-food!  Make LOTS!

What you’ll need;

1can mandarin oranges

1 cup of melted chocolate


drain the oranges and gently pat them dry with a paper towel

melt the chocolate and dip the oranges.. either partially dip them.. or go crazy and dip the whole thing! 

Let them set up in the freezer until they’re frozen!

Pop them in your mouth.. cool off..repeat!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

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