I know that I should probably have something clever to say for myself, something at least a tiny bit redeeming..but I don’t! I’m not quite sure why I thought this would be a good idea.. and I can’t even honestly blame it on some weird inspiration.. I just don’t know.  🙂 

All that really matters, I guess.. is that right now, we’re all collectively staring at a Big Mac Cake, … say it out loud for fun.. BIG. MAC. CAKE!  So here we are, each with our own set of personal questions to answer… that probably will never get answered.. but that’s okay~  why?  .. because ummm.. BIG MAC CAKE! 

~The best thing we can do now is just embrace the madness..  

Now that we’re mentally ok for the time being, let’s break this cake down, .. shall we?!

Imagine, if you will.. stacks upon stacks of Big Macs, layered with melty cheese, and encased in a buttery blanket of perfectly golden crescent dough..topped with classic sesame seeds, sliced and served hot.. with a fork, because UH..manners!  🙂

Take it one step further, and now you’re serving this Big Mac CAKE monstrosity to your closest family and friends,, dare I say.. your children?!  Do you see smiles, do you see fear?  Do you see an intervention in your future?  

Either way, you will be the life of the party.. you will be discussed and remembered LONG after this cake has been devoured.  Why?  Because it’s epic.. that’s why.. and so are you, darn it!  

~Go do this, and share your experience here!  🙂

What you’ll need:

An 8″ springform/easy-release pan

8 big macs

2 containers of Pillsbury Seamless Crescent Dough

10 slices of American Cheese

sesame seeds

non-stick spray


Spray the pan with non-stick spray

Now roll out both sheets of dough, so they’re evenly stretched out…

Place them into the pan, each at different angles to evenly cover the bottom and the sides, making sure to leave enough dough over the edges to fold over the top…

Cut 2 of the big macs evenly in half and place them around the pan, fill the center with a full big mac…

Now top them with 5 slices of the cheese..

And repeat with one more layer of the same..

Fold the dough over the top, making sure to cover it completely.  Give the whole thing a gently push on the top just to ease it into the shape of the pan…

Spray the top of the dough with a light layer of non stick spray, and a dash of sesame seeds.

Bake it at 350 for approx. 15-20 minutes…

or until it’s evenly golden, and heated through (tent with foil, if it needs more time in the oven, to prevent burning)…

Serve it nice & warm…

Plate that Big Mac baby up…

Only share with those who really loves you, or you might scare them away forever…

Then grab some for YOU!  ~Enjoy!  🙂



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