State fair FOOD season (or what I like to call.. every day of my life) is upon us, and this year.. like all the previous years, I can convince myself that my delusions dream of being a state fair food vendor is a reality.  Actually, I kind of feel like this entire site is one huge virtual state fair food booth..haha.

But.. whatever, we’re here.. and fried goodness is upon us ~ what a time to be alive!

Yes, in true OBI fashion, I fried up some good old Elotes.. but before you go running away, just take a peek at this!  

All the authentic Elotes flavors we know and love remain, as each corn bread coated, sweet, savory corn on the cob is fried to a perfectly golden, yet tender treat.  

Every bite through that toasty corn bread reveals the perfect pop of hot & juicy corn.. flooding your mouth with unique Elote flavors unknown until now.

Topped with everything we know and love about traditional Elotes.. these are a next-level winner!  ..and NO waiting in any lines to get it!  

~Make LOTS!

What you’ll need:

4 ears of fresh corn

1 box of corn bread mix (one egg for the batter if your box calls for it)


cotija cheese ..crumbled

2 tbsp. chili powder and/or a dash of cayenne pepper.. to taste

oil for frying.. I used veg


Combine the chili powder and the cayenne pepper. ..set aside

Mix up the corn bread batter according to your box instructions…

Evenly spread the batter onto the corn…

Fry it up in the hot (350 degree) oil until evenly golden…

Let them cool slightly..

Brush them with some Mayo, and a sprinkle of chili powder and cayenne pepper.. to taste…

Don’t forget the Cotija cheese..

Grab some napkins…

and then serve these babies up! ~Enjoy!  🙂


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