Easily create your own signature flavor

without an ice cream machine

The Curious Creamery recognizes that, when it comes to ice cream, that one size does not fit all. That’s why The Curious Creamery™ gives dessert lovers the freedom to unleash their sweet inhibitions by creating ice cream blends, in any flavor combination of their choosing – without an ice cream machine.

Whether it’s a family favorite, sinfully decadent taste or a better-for-you blend you’re going for, The Curious Creamery lets you create a frozen dessert experience that’s uniquely yours. Follow our quick and easy instructions, or watch our quick “how to” video to ensure best results. For sweet creative inspiration and a few of our favorite ice cream blends, please visit our recipe page.


Make Premium Ice Cream in Minutes

The Curious Creamery provides a revolutionary new way to make real, premium ice cream without an ice cream machine. Now you can make any flavor of ice cream you can imagine while controlling nutrition and ingredients.

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