One positive thing about thinking up culinary craziness like I do, is that just when you think you’ve really lost your mind, like magic.., something pops into your head that tops the last thing.. therefore making you believe that when you thought you were crazy.. you really weren’t ..until now.. for now.  Make sense??  :/ No…? oh well,.  Neither will this recipe, so sit tight.

I’ve taken my disdain for the candy corn, and lazer-focused that energy, sending those tri-colored bullets of boredom screaming into a hot pot where they became something that I think we can all actually live with.  

Now, I know that at first glance, this recipe might seem horrid, and by “horrid” I mean gross.. but don’t go yet.  lol.  Think of these buffalo wings as a spicy, sticky, sweet & savory glazed snack, that in reality, beats just about all other chicken wings I’ve ever had in the flavor department.  

By the first bite, you will forget all about the candy corn, and simply sink into the most succulent, sweet and spicy wings ever.  In fact, if you didn’t tell anyone about your “secret scary ingredient”.. no one would ever guess that you used candy corn as the glaze.  

Just give them a try.. what do you have to lose.. other than piles of candy corn petrifying around your house collecting dust until next year!  Do it.. if you get hate, just call them a trick, instead of a treat..and serve them anyway.  🙂 

Make LOTS!

What you’ll need:

2 dozen buffalo chicken wings.  *I highly suggest purchasing prepared, fully cooked, spicy buffalo wings.. then just jazzing them up with the glaze.  BUT, feel free to make your own wings if you’d like, and continue with the directions.

1 – 11oz. bag of candy corn

1/4 cup water

a double boiler


Place the  (cooked) wings onto a sheet pan and heat all the way through (this is where you’d prepare your wings if you’re not using store-bought)

Place the candy corn in a double boiler with the water and melt them down.. stirring almost constantly..  

..this takes a while.  Make sure to melt them down fully, so you don’t have candy corn lumps which will enrage your guests even

When the candy corn dies (a.k.a melts), and reincarnates into this delicious glaze.. pour it over your wings..

gently tossing them to coat completely…

Plate them up…

And serve them to those who are forced to love you no matter how crazy you are…

And DIG IN!  ~Enjoy! 🙂





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