Oooohhhh!!!  Just in time for the party time of the year~  you know.. that time of year when at least one of our hands is occupied with an adult beverage at all times once in a while?!  And even if it’s just juice… now keeping track of that glass just got a whole lot cuter! 

That’s right~ these wine charms are not only glittery, sparkly, and adorable~ they’re down right practical!  Gone are the days when you set your drink down on a table with a million other glasses, only to realize that you’ve lost yet another delicious beverage to the masses.

And when you’re filling your ‘go-to candle hostess gift’ closet, now you can also give the gift of wine charms.. yep, custom wine charms.. customized to match the hobbies of your family and friends.. how cute is that?!


Made with brilliant Swarovski Crystal ElementsTM, these charms lend glitzy glamour to wine, beer and cocktail glasses. A stylish solution for preventing drink mix-ups!

Looking for a fun, fancy way to mark cocktail glasses at a party or other special event? The Bliss Home Swarovski Crystal Magnetic Wine Charms Set of 12 is the answer! Unlike cheaper charms made of glass or plastic, ours aremade of genuine Swarovski Crystal ElementsTM. You’ll immediately see the difference in their bright, gem-like sparkle!

The magnets used in other charms are too powerful-and can actually BREAK your expensive stemware. But not ours. We use magnets that are strong enough to stay firmly in place, but not strong enough to break, scratch, or damage glass. Use them on everything from stemmed & stemless wine glasses to beer & martini glasses to champagne flutes.

The Bliss Home Swarovski Crystal Magnetic Wine Charms Set of 12 arrives in a durable, attractive black box that can be used to safely store them when not in use. It’s perfect for gift giving (hostess, housewarming, anniversary, wedding, birthday for wine lovers) and for hosting. Grab a set for your next bridal shower, bachelorette event, dinner party, or holiday. Your guests will be clamoring to know where you got them!


• Made with real Swarovski Crystal ElementsTM
• Reusable
• Secure magnets stay in place
• Will not break or damage glass
• For all types of glasses (incl. stemless)
• Attractively boxed


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