• Premium ICO vacuum sealer machine designed for sous-vide cooking and home vacuum sealing
  • Takes up 30% less counter-space than horizontal models like the FoodSaver V2244
  • Sous vide vacuum sealer with certified phthalate free and BPA free bags (5x 1-quart size included) and rolls (1x 7.9″x2.6′ included) design for sous vide
  • Fresh food saver feature keeps vacuum sealed food fresh up to 5x longer than a refridgerator or freezer alone (and prevents freezer burn)
  • Design to be the easiest and best vacuum sealer you’ve ever used. Try an ICO Vacuum Sealer today, 100% risk-free.

This handy little thing saved me after Thanksgiving.  I was able to seal leftovers and store them for later use.  All the food was kept fresh-as-new and literally paid for itself in saved food.  Make the investment, and give it a try~  you won’t be sorry!



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