Sometimes individual foods we’ve lived with for years ..and years, actually belong together, and we’ve lived our lives enjoying them separately without realizing that combined, they’d be a match made in snack-heaven!  

Like, how in the world have we never wrapped an onion ring in creamy, deliciously seasoned, mashed potatoes… fried them up.. AND then plunged them deep into a small vat of warm brown gravy ..until today?  .. How?  

Let me tell you.. better late than never, because these things are beyond.. BEEYOND amazing, and almost worth the time we’ve waited for them to come to life.  

Each onion ring is bursting with all things mashed potato..  I’m talking about crispy, golden-crusted mashed potatoes that hug those tender onion rings with love!  

~Dip them into that brown gravy and OMG~  it’s an out-of-body experience!

Delight everyone.. and make LOTS!

What you’ll need for approx. 24 onion rings:

2 med/lg. white onions

3 cups mashed potato flakes.. or already prepared mashed potatoes

1 cup dry bread crumbs

1 lg. egg

salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you like in your mashed potatoes

brown gravy for dipping

oil for frying


in a medium bowl prepare the mashed potatoes.. adding in the egg and mixing well to combine…

you want it to form together when you smush it…

Now slice your onions into onion rings and dip each on into the bread crumbs, just so the potatoes have something to stick to.

Then using your hands and authority lol, form the mashed potatoes all the way around the onion rings as best as you can.. if some onion peeks through it’s just fine…

Then into the bread crumbs for a golden coating…

Now they’re ready to fry…

 fry them just until golden on all sides,..

serve them up…

And don’t forget the best part.. the BROWN GRAVY dip! ~Enjoy!  🙂




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