Well, when they say you learn something new every day.. “they” were right! I always thought that salt was uhmmm just salt, but was I ever wrong!  

~Let me share with you the best thing in salt that I’ve found.. I’m talking about Celtic Sea Salt! 


Our founder, the Belgian-American food scientist, Jacques DeLangre, PhD, originated the natural sea salt industry in America and created the Celtic Sea Salt® Brand. Today many salt companies claim to be the original gourmet sea salt company, but go back no further than 2001 or 2002.

Jacques wanted to bring the superior health and taste benefits of natural sea salt to his adopted land. Dr. DeLangre was also the first to write a book on the health benefits of natural sea salt. The book was translated into seven different languages.

Today Selina Delangre and Jacques & Yvette Delangre’s granddaughters, Carla, Colette, and Stephanie carry on the distinguished tradition he originated. Please, visit our all new line, called Rare Body®, with which the three ladies have extended the Celtic Sea Salt® line to an all- natural bath and beauty line using Celtic Sea Salt® essential mineral products.

Superior purity

Other companies may offer a variety of sea salts. Our sea salts have been inspected and approved to meet quality standards that live up to our expectations. Jacques Delangre revived the traditional way sea salt was harvested, when his book became popular with several doctors. The supply could not keep up with the demand because the salt ponds take at least seven years to produce sea salt that meets our standards. To assure a sufficient supply of Celtic Sea Salt® that lives up to our brand promise, we’ve carefully expanded the areas where it is sourced.

Selina supports communities of sustainable farming worldwide. In fact, Selina personally visits all of the pristine seaside locations from which our sea salts are harvested. This careful supervision assures the superior quality of Celtic Sea Salt®.

Every nutritious, delectable grain of our gourmet sea salt is then packaged with care in our own cGMP Certified Current Good Manufacturing Practices facility. We even go a step further. All of our salt is scientifically analyzed by a certified third-party laboratory.

Superior nutrition

Our long experience and accumulated data allow us to determine the optimal content of sea salt for nutrition, vitality, and gourmet taste. In fact, we guarantee the optimal content of all of our salts, while they reward your palate.

Superior taste

Celtic Sea Salt® provides the ideal balance of minerals that occur naturally with the sodium to bring you a superior, distinctive, and elegant taste. No wonder it’s the frequent choice of famous chefs worldwide. Use Celtic Sea Salt® Brand salts for all your cooking and seasoning needs. Enrich the taste of your foods while adding vital nutrients to your diet. One taste and you’ll never settle for ordinary table salt again.

Superior selection

Over the decades, our selection of gourmet sea salt products has grown. We offer sea salt harvested from pristine locations all over the world, including France, Portugal, Hawaii, Guatemala, and Spain, as well as from the deep ocean. The various salts exhibit a welcome variety of textures and subtle differences of taste that can be a delight to explore.

We also offer a distinctive variety of naturally flavored sea salts and many other extraordinary products naturally enhanced with our gourmet salts. We invite you to explore our complete selection of naturally healthy and delicious products.

Welcome to your exciting Selina Naturally® adventure in good health and gourmet taste!

View the side-by-side comparison chart of our Celtic Sea Salt® HERE

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