Dinner for One means Cooking for One which means To Serve One! This book is for ONE. It does not contain recipes that can feed an army of 4 to 6 which can leave you with a week’s worth of unwanted (and expensive) leftovers, it feeds ONE!

This book will contain 120-150 budget-friendly recipes for the dinner hour, including salads, vegetables, grains, entrees and even desserts.


As with all Nancy’s books with the American Diabetes Association, the recipes will be extremely easy to follow with main stream ingredients.

The book will begin with a ‘How To’ chapter which helps the reader learn how to shop economically, store properly, stock up ‘smartly’ and cut corners like a pro in an easy, bullet-form manner.

The chapters will focus on dinner, but will break down into sections, such as salads, sides, entrees (including a wide variety of recipes from grilled and roasted recipes to soups and stews, skillet dishes, stir-fries, hot and cold sandwiches and main salads) and desserts.

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