Ahhh.. the simple-minded entertainment I create for myself, when I invent my own new food-words, ..words that I seem to find hilarious, and others not so much do too! ūüėČ

THIS recipe is one of those examples! Whether we agree that this ‘culinary celebrity couple’ name for Tequila + Pickles = adorable or not, we will definitely all agree that the combined flavors they offer is AMAZING!¬†

Who knew that these 2 simple ingredients would result in such a deliciously whimsical snack?! ¬†It’s like¬†the tequila found those¬†pickles, and they partied just a little too much.. creating a this tequickle love-child of yumminess!

They also bring entertainment to your table, since the more of them you eat.. the more fun saying “Tequickles” becomes. .. good times..haha.¬†

These tipsy fried pickles are crispy, crunchy, tangy.. and boozy, and will be the hit at any gathering!  ~Make LOTS!

What you’ll need:

Pickles.. your fave variety, sliced.

Tequila .. as much as you’d like.

The batter:

1/2 cup flour

1/2 cup panko

1/2 cup breadcrumbs 

1 egg with a splash of water for egg wash

your choice of seasoning.. I used onion powder and oregano

oil for frying.. I used veg oil.


If your pickles need to be sliced, do so now…

Add the Tequila into your pickle jar, making sure that some of the original pickle juice remains.. the amount of tequila-pickle juice ratio is up to you, the more tequila you use, the stronger the resulting flavor!

Let them marinade for at least an hour to as long as you can, the longer.. the stronger..lol. Try and pour the tequila over sliced pickles for more flavor… if not, then you can slice them before you’re ready to fry them, as I did here.

mix the egg with a splash of water, and set aside…

In a shallow bowl or bag.. add the flour…

In a shallow bowl or bag, add the breadcrumbs & panko with your desired seasoning…

Coat the pickles in the flour… (shake them up if using bags!)

Then into the egg…

And then into the breadcrumbs…

They’re all ready to fry now…

Fry them up in the hot (350 degree) oil, until they’re evenly golden on each side.. this goes fast!

Let them cool slightly… a sprinkle of salt is optional.

Then plate those tipsy treats up, maybe with some lemon slices, ..and in shot glasses for umm.. cuteness!






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