At Explore Cuisine we search the globe to find organic, plant based foods that allow you to create delicious meals that your family and friends will love and gives them the goodness they deserve.


We select the finest organic ingredients from beans, lentils, rice and peas to provide you with more plant based protein and fiber than traditional pasta while being naturally gluten free and simple to prepare.


Ideal for lovers of pasta looking for a more nutritious alternative and for anyone seeking to reduce meat in their diet and replace with plant based protein.

From Our Table To Yours

Explore Cuisine is universally dedicated to helping our workers thrive and flourish, in their home lives and in the work place. We believe that healthy food grows from healthy hands, hearts and lives, and we are dedicated to a life-giving initiative that nurtures our farms and the lives of our workers. We love to give back to those who contribute to Explore Cuisine’s innovation and success, which is why two percent of all Explore Cuisine worldwide proceeds go directly to the Food To Thrive Foundation, providing education, empowerment and advancement in farming programs to every Explore Cuisine team member. Rooted in a pure love of health, a respect for life and a deep commitment to success, Explore Cuisine is committed to bringing your family whole, healthy meals … from our table to yours



Original Bean Power

Our original range of organic pastas were developed by our founder who was searching for a protein rich alternative to traditional spaghetti. The result was a BEAN powered pasta that is great in taste and texture and provides our highest amount of protein and fiber per serving with the lowest level of carbohydrates. Our Edamame and Black Bean Spaghettis contain 24 g of protein per 2 oz serving almost 3x more than regular pasta and twice that of chickpea or lentil.

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