I recently had the opportunity to see (and taste) firsthand what all the ‘kidfresh’ buzz is about.  Everyone from family to friends have been raving about this delicious brand of good, and good for you, kid-friendly food… and let me say, my expectations were exceeded.  Not only is every variety delicious, but the quality, care, and creativity is beyond anything I’ve ever tasted.

Words from our founder…

When I became a dad, I realized that we needed more options for kids’ meals – the kind that are yummy and nutritious for children while convenient for parents. We first started Kidfresh with our own concept store in New York City where we offered natural and organic kids’ foods, including our own line, freshly prepared in our kitchen. It was so nice to feed moms and kids daily in our store. That’s where we learned the most about what moms value and kids want. Inspired by what parents were telling us, we broadened our reach and started offering our kids favorite frozen meals in supermarkets throughout the country. And here we are, with a line of frozen Kidfresh meals that kids love, rich in vegetables and without a single drop of anything artificial.

Our team is passionate about doing the right thing and it is such a privilege to be able to build such a meaningful brand. We hope you like our products and what we stand for. Let us know what you think – we very much value your feedback.

Thank you and bon appetit with your little ones!

Matt Cohen
Kidfresh Founde


Kids Favorites with Added Nutrition

At Kidfresh, we are parents too. We know the importance of nutrition and how it impacts the development of our little ones. We want to feed our kids wholesome foods that they’ll love to eat and are easy and convenient for us to prepare. That’s why we developed Kidfresh frozen meals – our kids’ favorites with hidden veggies and no artificial ingredients.


Frozen Goodness


Freezing is one of the best ways to preserve nutrients and flavors while extending the shelf life of food. That’s why Kidfresh meals are frozen immediately after being cooked, so that they keep all the good stuff for a long time.


We care about packaging too!


  • BPA Free packaging

  • Phthalate free bowls

  • 100% recyclable



Find Kidfresh in stores near you!

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