When an award-winning Vodka comes knocking on your door.. you answer!  And that’s just what I did.  Talk about a fun and delicious weekend!  Purity Vodka is exactly what it says, it is.. pure!

Check it out.. it will quickly become one of your favorites too!



Character, complexity and sophistication. Three words rarely associated with the taste of even premium vodkas. This was Purity Vodka’s mission – to claim each of these words as a hallmark, a new badge for a spirit long dismissed as featureless. Through the ingenuity and dedication of Master Blender, Thomas Kuuttanen, Purity Vodka can proudly stand as the singular, elevated spirit in its class. The superior taste is derived from the best organic ingredients – winter wheat and malted barley – and a wholly unique distillation method.

Using a beautiful, specially-engineered copper and gold still, Thomas aims for the very heart of the spirit. Each small batch is distilled 34 times to achieve perfect refinement, leaving only the bold, natural flavours and character of this outstanding vodka. The refined distillate is then carefully reduced by using a mix of deionized water and natural, mineral rich water, and blended with tailor made column spirits which are made from Swedish organic wheat.



The soul of Purity Vodka, and the very reason for its existence, comes down to the artistry of one man, Master Blender Thomas Kuuttanen. Already one of the most famous blenders in Europe, ten years ago Thomas turned his attention to the misunderstood world of vodka. This was the beginning of a decade-long search to reclaim the “heart and soul” of this 800-year-old spirit.

Thomas was in an enviable position of being able to experiment and take his time to find the best methods to bring out Purity Vodka’s unique character and incredible layers of taste. “I turned back time,” Thomas says with a laugh, and went back to methods used before the industrial revolution – a very slow process in small batches, continually refining the spirit to bring out the full distinction of the ingredients. “I discovered that 34 distillations created magic – the perfect cut.” By combining different distillation techniques with traditional craftsmanship, we developed a one-of-a-kind vodka still focusing on a very slow distillation process.

The result is a bouquet for the senses – a rich melange of lime, nougat and white chocolate and a fantastically smooth finish on the palate. Now, the famous “party drink” has enough refinement and nuance to entice a new generation of Martini sophisticates, as well as those wanting to spend their evenings on the dancefloor.

As for winning the favour of top industry judges, elite bartenders and drink aficionados the world over, you only need to see the list of Purity’s awards to know that the brand’s reputation is sealed as the finest Vodka available.

“Being Swedish, vodka is an important drink for us culturally and one that was relegated to being a characterless party mixer, dependent on advertising campaigns from the big distilleries. I wanted to change that.”



Other vodkas may utilize similar ingredients, but Purity Vodka’s distinction can be found in the process by which the chosen ingredients are blended and refined. In this respect, we are proudly unique. Thomas Kuuttanen’s alchemy begins by choosing the finest organic winter wheat and malted barley, which is then combined in a custom-built 600 litre copper still. Unlike modern brands, Purity Vodka’s approach is genuinely artisanal – with the ingredients being warmed gently until the vapour is collected, and then refined again and again until only heart of the distillate is left.


Each blend yields only a small batch, and is never rushed, as this compromises quality. It is a slow, lengthy process which involves squeezing every nuance from the vapour, until the ‘first cut’ is reached after seventeen distillations. But this is only the beginning. The process continues, refining the heart of the spirit a further seventeen times, until the Master’s cut reaches thirty-four distillations. Thirty-four distillations – this is what elevates our spirit to being the best in the world. And finally, we add a touch of mineral-rich, pure Swedish water to each blend, opening up the spirit and allowing the taste and aroma to fully bloom on the palate.


The time and effort we invest in each bottle means that you will always be able to tell that this vodka is deliciously distinct, and distinctly Purity Vodka, the elevated spirit.


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