In a world where we are slowly drowning in sparkling water choices, it’s nice to know that there is one that has managed to set themselves apart.. not only in flavor (which is AMAZING), but also in health benefits.

How one
good idea
led to

Scientists, physicians, nutritionists and dietitians all over the world agree that meals with too much sugar and fast carbs result in repeated blood sugar spikes that, in the long run, put a lot of strain and stress on our bodies. Some years ago, experts in food and nutrition at Lund University in Sweden found that a special mix of amino acids and a mineral could have a beneficial effect on the blood sugar spike following a meal. Repeated clinical trials confirmed that when this mix, dissolved in water, was served before, and with a meal rich in sugar and fast carbs, it was able to reduce blood sugar rise by 20-30%. This research marked the beginning of the development of Good Idea® – The Swedish Sugar Buster. The goal was to develop an attractive product that could help our bodies handle the fast carb and sugar effects following a meal. Now it´s here, and it comes with a Structure/Function-claim, proudly printed on every single can:

Good Idea® – The Swedish Sugar Buster may help those with normal blood sugar levels handle the sugar spike following a meal1 .
What it means? Well, simply that having Good Idea® – The Swedish Sugar Buster with your food might be a small, yet important step towards a better lifestyle. It´s positive lifestyle change made easy!


Each sip is bursting with natural flavors and a refreshingly cool, crisp, taste. 

Positive lifestyle change made easy

Good Idea™ – The Swedish Sugar Buster was developed by Aventure AB, a Swedish company with a proven track record in successfully taking research-based, healthy foods to the market. Our activities and development projects gather knowledge from a large number of research fields and are led by the principle “Science guided by nature”. Our mission is to make the world healthier by offering attractive and scientifically proven products to the market. It is positive lifestyle change made easy.

Good Idea™ – The Swedish Sugar Buster – is our first launch in the U.S. Market. It was designed to help your body handle the blood sugar spikes following a meal high in fast carbs and/or sugar, i.e. most processed foods.

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PhD & Professor at Food for Health Science Centre of Lund University. Founder and inventor of Oatly.

[email protected]


MSc in industrial economics. Founder of Oatly and 25 years of experience from entrepreneural-driven companies.

[email protected]



ScMD, PhD, MBA. A thought leader and scientist who over the last decades has made significant contributions in areas of global health, adult education and research.

[email protected]


PhD and associate professor at Food for Health Science Center, Lund University.

[email protected]



PhD in Food Biotechnology. 15 years of experience from start-up’s including Oatly.

[email protected]



MSc in business administration. 20 years of experience from food industry start-up’s and established businesses.

[email protected]



MSc in int. business administration. 10 years of experience from food industry companies like Quaker.

[email protected]

Sugar and fast carbs
challenge your health…
and they’re everywhere.



Sugar and fast carbs are so full of energy, and we´re programmed to love them. In the old days, when there wasn´t much around, this was totally fine. Eating all that could be found at the moment was even a question of survival.

But today is a different thing.
Our brains and bodies haven´t changed much, but the food supply has. Refined sugar and/or fast carbs can be found in practically all processed food. We certainly don´t need to hunt for them, and we can all recognize the effects: The rush of energy after having something sweet, followed by drowsiness shortly after. The post-lunch dip…or just not being able to stop ourselves from eating more, even if we know we probably shouldn´t. Since we know too much sugar can be a serious challenge to our health. Any physician would tell you it´s important to reduce your blood sugar spikes.

Some even call sugar “the new tobacco”, implying that the negative effects on individuals and societies are comparable to those of tobacco. Others claim it is as addictive as any drug. One thing is clear – breaking habits, and especially the bad ones, is a hard thing to do. And reducing the sugar is an especially tricky one. But each small step can make a difference. Like making the portions of food a little smaller, eating bread and cereals with less sugar and made from whole grains, or simply drinking something else with your food.

Change doesn´t come easy. That´s why we came up with our Good Idea® – the Swedish Sugar Buster – a dietary supplement developed to help your body handle the effects of sugar and fast carbs following a meal1 ….or to put it simply: It helps you bust the sugar!

Want to know more about the sugar challenge in the US and how it can be beaten by science and lifestyle change? Download our white paper (pdf). You might find it a bit dry and academic, but it´s well worth reading.

1 This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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