SPACE SHAKER is a portable high-end shaker bottle that expands, so you can bring your powdered nutrition with you. No more big bottles in your bag, no more pre-mixed drinks, no more protein degradation, no more clumps. Pre-loaded recyclable version available by subscription to our Space Shaker CLUB.


Busy people living an active lifestyle will soon be able to get quality protein at a great price, shipped right to their door.

SPACE SHAKER is revolutionizing the supplement industry by offering the first subscription model for protein delivery alongside a unique collapsible shaker bottle design.

The startup’s SPACE SHAKER CLUB targets busy men and women who are mindful of what they use to fuel their bodies, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of running to the store, pre-measuring powders, or washing caked on supplements from their bottles.

“Each SPACE SHAKER GO bottle is a single-serving, grab-and-go option,” said SPACE SHAKER co-founder Joel Paglione. “The bottle’s unique bellows design allows it to pack down to fit in the palm of your hand, making it easy to ship and carry.”



• High Quality Protein — Each GO bottle is filled with a high-quality, gluten-free, ultra-filtered Whey isolate powder. It packs 35g of protein, 1g of sugar, and 1g of fat in four different flavors.
• Travel-Friendly Bottle Design — The bottle’s bellows design makes it compact enough to throw in gym bags, briefcases, and more. Simply expand, add water, shake, and drink.
• Customizable Subscriptions — Users can choose to have their protein delivered weekly or monthly to match their needs. Each CLUB box comes with 12 pre-loaded SPACE SHAKER GO bottles.
• Doorstep Delivery — Each shipment is conveniently delivered directly to their homes, saving them time.
• Environmentally Conscious — They’ve launched the GO RECYCLE Initiative to help turn used GO bottles into playground equipment for underprivileged communities (Southside Chicago or Tampa). Each delivery will include a pre-paid mailer bag to return used bottles.

SPACE SHAKER intends to offer a line of high-quality powdered supplements delivered directly through their CLUB.

To learn more about SPACE SHAKER, visit and join their Indiegogo campaign.  Early participants receive up to 50% off their reusable SPACE SHAKER CLUB subscriptions.

SPACE SHAKER has reinvented the protein bottle for anonymity, simplicity, and compatibility. It’s created for the professional, the traveler, and the person simply trying to live a healthy lifestyle. The bottle is designed to be discrete, easy, and convenient in order to solve everyday frustrations like the hassle of lugging around a bulky protein shaker with mysterious powders inside, the embarrassing/awkward hassle of mixing protein shakes while at work, and being stopped at security checkpoints while traveling. Now you can fuel up when and where it’s needed most without compromising on your nutrition or sacrificing your coveted storage space.


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