Delicious Asian-inspired Blount Bowls from legacy food developer Blount Fine Foods are perfect for easy summer lunches or dinners.  There’s two gluten free flavors and one vegan/vegetarian and all chicken is raised without antibiotics. They’ve done the meal prep for you and it’s ready to eat in 3 minutes, all compact in the bowl provided. Available in the fresh deli section of select retailers across the country, and under $6.  Click here to find Blount Bowls in your neighborhood:


Blount Fine Foods offers food service, retail, club and convenience store customers the opportunity to sell more premium-quality gourmet foods. From carefully sourced fresh ingredients to hand-crafted recipes to cutting-edge production processes, we never compromise when it comes to delivering a gourmet-level experience to your customers.


Chicken Ramen Noodle

Coconut Chicken & Noodle

Hibachi Chicken & Rice – gluten free

Vegetable & Rice – vegetarian/vegan and gluten free

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