Is there anything better than a quick, simple, impressive, and delicious recipe?  I think not! And here is your proof (just in case you need some) 🙂

BLENDABELLA is one of the most unique, and tasty ways to enjoy the incredible flavors of Portabella mushrooms.  Each incredible variety is flavor-packed and quality tested to perfection.  They are the perfect addition OR star of any meal!

3 Flavors, Endless Options

Giorgio’s BLENDABELLA Portabella Mushroom Blends easily transform any everyday recipe into a rich and flavorful experience. From quick appetizers to gourmet creations, BLENDABELLA is wildly versatile.

Growing for Three Generations

Giorgio –  A Family Owned Business for Over 90 YearsOur Heritage:  In 1928, we began the tradition of growing “America’s Favorite Mushroom” with the construction of our first mushroom house in Temple, Pennsylvania.   Over 90 years and 3 generations later, we at Giorgio continue with a strong commitment to bringing high quality and innovative products to the marketplace.The Love of Mushrooms:   Our customers have always valued fresh, quality mushrooms for preparing exceptional cuisine with their ‘umami’ (delicious, savory, meaty) taste qualities.  Additionally, fresh mushrooms are world renowned for their nutritional benefits.    Fresh portabella mushrooms are naturally low in calories, fat free, low in sodium and cholesterol free while being rich in nutrients including Vitamin B-3 and the antioxidant Selenium.Giorgio’s BLENDABELLA combines many of the benefits of our fresh, quality mushrooms and delivers them in three regional flavor options:  Zesty Mexican, Coconut Thai, and Rustic Tuscan.

Take a look at some of our incredible recipes to learn more about how it’s a new day for mushrooms!

Wildly Versatile

Transform every day recipes into a rich and flavorful experience with BLENDABELLA.

What you’ll need:

1 jar of BLENDABELLA Coconut Thai Mushrooms

**you can purchase BLENDABELLA online:

large egg roll wrappers (approx 6)

oil for frying

sauce for dipping


Place a heaping tbsp. of the mushroom filling in the center of the wrapper…

Wet the edges with some water, and roll them up,, into an egg roll shape..

Fry in the hot (350 degree) oil until evenly golden.. and serve them nice and warm!  Don’t forget the Soy Sauce…

~Enjoy! 🙂

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