Have you ever poured your powdered nutrition supplement into the narrow neck of a recyclable water bottle and what follows is usually a messy and frustrating bath?

While sitting in my car outside an amusement park, I, Donna, attempted to tap my powdered nutritional powder gently into the narrow neck of a recyclable water bottle and the result was disastrous. Powder went everywhere, all over my dark jeans, car seat, and my hands.

As an on-the-go mom, along with my mother Floyd, we are often in airports, business meetings and sporting events. We wanted our valuable nutrition without lugging around bulky blender bottles.

We improvised and made funnels from airplane boarding passes, amusement park entrance tickets and paper towels all with limited success. These were the WORST options and we were stumped.

Thus “FUNNEL YOUR ENERGY “ was born. Donna first created a funnel crafted from the packaging paper of her nutritional supplement sealing it together with silver duct tape. It was a SUCCESS!

Wanting to make life simple for others like us we then decided it was time to make this happen so we hired designers, printers, and manufacturers. FUNNEL YOUR ENERGY is now a reality, a small paper-foil funnel, with no mess or hassle and small enough to fit into your wallet.

We are a mother daughter team spiritually, emotionally and creatively connected. A healthy life style of good nutrition, and fitness are the core of our being. Floyd, after her career on the East coast as an interior designer followed her passion of becoming a triathlete. Donna followed in her footsteps and is now part of Team Mexico, representing Mexico in the World Cup Series.

We are adamant about daily use of our funnel whether at work or play. Floyd keeps a funnel in her bag whether golfing, trekking in Machu Picchu or hiking the Peaks of Colorado. Donna always has a funnel in her wallet or pocket while traveling, training or competing in triathlons, across the Yucatan Peninsular, United States or Canada.

Now to get our nutrition on the go, all we do is:


Join in the fun and ease of funneling your Energy!!!