For 25 years we’ve created the finest selection of nutritional supplements. We’re focused on making people feel better and be healthier.



We are situated in the beautiful community of Moab, Utah, inspired by the red rock canyons and breathtaking La Sal Mountains surrounding us.

We have been privately and family owned and operated since our official launch in 1992 — a tight knit family of employees involved in every aspect of our mission. While our company continues to grow every day, we never have and never will compromise our small company and family values. Our customers rave about our products and our personal,in-house customer service team. Our personal relationship with you is one of our most important goals.

From its modest beginnings in a home office with just a few visionary employees, our company has expanded into a world-renowned, award-winning, certified organic facility with 75+ dedicated employees from all walks of life. The common denominator among us is our desire to be a part of a company that truly makes a difference.


  • Third-party certified to manufacture USDA organic and kosher products
  • FDA registered, GMP compliant
  • Fully climate controlled
  • State-of-the-art air and water filtration
  • Oxygen-free, moisture-free Ultra Fresh Packaging
  • Refrigerated storage for all of our ingredients
  • Additive-free processing
  • 100% wind-powered operations
  • Internationally compliant, quality assurance program with in-house laboratory


Unlike Synergy, most supplement companies out-source the manufacturing of their products. This means they don’t directly control their production processes or the people making their products — and they don’t control the quality assurance procedures used to verify the purity and potency of their ingredients. These other companies never see, touch or smell their ingredients since everything is done through an outsourced facility.

This all too common industry scenario would never work for Synergy. It would violate the trust you as a customer have placed in us and it would undermine our own uncompromising commitment to product quality and environmental ethics. We connect deeply to everything we grow and use, and that comes through our door, literally taking a hands on approach to each and every ingredient.

For these reasons, The Synergy Company has made a long standing commitment to reinvest our funds into the design and building of our own, customized production facilities, right here in Moab, Utah. This enables us to personally control, from start to finish, every aspect including the manufacturing and the exacting quality standards of our products. This is the best way we know of to ensure the purest, highest quality natural supplements — to make it ourselves!

Our commitment to in-house manufacturing has deep roots. Our facilities here in Moab were one of the first in our industry to be certified to manufacture organic dietary supplements through the USDA organic program. We were also the first facility to use exclusively 100% wind power for all our electricity needs. Our commitment to renewable energy sources along with our many other sustainable business practices led us to receive Utah’s Environmental Consciousness Award for Excellence in Manufacturing. We view this as one our finest achievements – and recognize that it was made possible in large part by the ongoing support and loyalty of our customers!

The Synergy Company Moab


Our very personal, hands-on approach to everything we do allows us to control the quality of all our ingredients and products. This allows us to control our costs and pass those savings to you. Synergy itself, not outsourced or contracted parties, takes full control of our ingredients and manufacturing and quality control program. Our vertically integrated model allows you to purchase our premium products straight from the source. When you shop at Synergy, you’re truly buying factory-direct. No middlemen or other retailers take a profit, which means more savings are passed on to you.


Call us and let us remind you what it’s like to have an unhurried conversation with a knowledgeable, fully trained customer support professional. We welcome your communications and calls to us during business hours (and will get back to you as soon as we can when it’s not).

It’s an impersonal world out there, and many companies are cutting corners and making it more and more difficult for their customers to reach a living, breathing human being. Customers have to guess which buttons to push to reach the right department or a live person that can truly help. The result in today’s world is that dialing up a business often becomes yet one more stressful and unfulfilling event in our day.

At Synergy it has always been one of our core values to keep that personal connection with you, our customer — plain ol’ common courtesy, respect, and knowledge. You are part of our Synergy “family” and we treat you as such! We look forward to hearing from you.

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