A Guilty Pleasure, SANS The Guilt

Enjoy sugar free and gluten free & sugar free desserts with
Sans Sucre Baking Mixes, Mousses and more.

At Sans Sucre, our belief is that just because you’re eating healthy, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice deliciously sweet desserts. We created a line of desserts that includes brownies, blondies, cakes and mousses for those who need to monitor their intake of sugar, fat, cholesterol or gluten — yet still want to enjoy great tasting desserts.

All our baking mixes use Stevia, a natural sweetener, that has a negligible effect on blood glucose levels. This makes it an ideal sweetener for those on carbohydrate-controlled diets. We also prepare our mixes in small batches with hand-selected ingredients.

Even more, we’ve crafted a line of baking mixes that are the first to be BOTH gluten free AND sugar free. This makes them the ideal option for diabetics limiting gluten, people with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance reducing sugar and everyday consumers looking to make better—yet still tasty—choices.

As a part of Bernard Foods, a specialty foods company that has produced hundreds of products since 1947 and has been a member of the Specialty Foods Association for over 30 years, Sans Sucre has been baking healthy versions of your favorite sweet treats since 1981.

All products on this site can be purchased on our sister site, eDietShop.com



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