You don’t need an espresso machine to enjoy this extra bold, extra delicious taste.

• A strong, bold roast

• Dark and powerful blend with a smooth, potent flavor

• Delivered right to your door

• Available in ground or whole bean

Sometimes you need your coffee with a little extra kick. A little bolder brew to help you power through those long hours or late nights on the job. Backdraft Espresso is just for you.

Use as an espresso or simply drip-brew your Backdraft Espresso the way you would any other cup of coffee. You’ll fill your mug with a dark espresso that sends rich aromas into the air and gives you the bold fuel you need with a delicious taste to match.

What’s Included:

Our Backdraft Espresso is available in 14 oz and five-pound bags.
Available in ground or whole bean.


If there’s one thing we learned during our years in the military and fire service, it’s that a good cup of coffee and a well-timed jolt of caffeine are essential for long nights and high-octane lifestyles.

We also discovered that we had a true passion for roasting high-quality coffee beans, so we made it our mission to make great-tasting, easy-drinking coffee for hard working people everywhere.

It’s received the stamp of approval from firehouses, job sites, and offices all across the country.

We guarantee quality, so every batch of Fire Department Coffee is fresh roasted. You order.
We roast. We deliver. It’s that simple.

10% of proceeds from every order goes towards supporting ill or injured firefighters and first responders. It’s great coffee for a great cause. Together, we’re helping take care of our nation’s heroes, one cup at a time.



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