Well, the KETO/low carb game has now officially changed, and this is the BEST change we could’ve ever dreamed of!

Thanks to Just The Cheese, we now have a scrumptiously satisfying, keto-friendly snack, on the go.. these are the most delicious, quality packed, cheesy crackers I’ve ever tried, I almost have no words. Go getchasome!

 MY FAVE.. but it was a close call!

About Us

About Just The Cheese

Over 25 years ago, my wife and I bought five tiny cheese factories to create high quality Wisconsin cheese.

One day, we had a crazy idea: “Crunchy Cheese: cheese ‘n crackers without the crackers!”

Our dream was to create delicious specialty cheeses, but first and foremost to ensure the utmost integrity in our workplace. 

We thought that our business would benefit and grow from a strong, loyal community. Everyone who works at Just the Cheese®is part of a family, and from this connection we have seen that a positive, supportive work atmosphere can produce fantastic results.

No single person can take credit for creating our Just the Cheese® crunchy baked snacks. Everyone involved at our company worked hard to bring this innovative snack experience to the world, and we share the success with our entire team.

We have been loyal to one another for decades and we hope that the pride in our cheese snacks is evident in their amazing taste and crunch!


Paul – Founder | AKA The Big Cheese


About Just The Cheese

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