Ziploc and Glad are some of Smelly Proof’s biggest competitors when it comes to providing resealable, reusable odor-proof bags, but when push comes to shove, the difference is clear. Their bags simply can’t live up to promise to eliminate smells and provide a product that is truly reusable. Find out why Smelly Proof bags beat the competition every time.

Odor Elimination

Smelly Proof: Smelly Proof bags are designed specifically to lock in powerful odors. They’re made with a high-quality plastic that’s strong enough to keep even the nastiest smells out of the air. They can be used for all kinds of applications like dirty diapers, leftover food, toxic chemicals and supplies, or wet clothes.

Ziploc & Glad: Their bags are not insulated enough to truly keep unpleasant smells out of the air. While these bags can reduce the presence of weaker odors, the you will often still be able to smell what’s inside. This can be a major inconvenience for some people if they’re taking smelly food like fish on the go or storing it in the fridge. Business owners will also be dissatisfied with Ziploc and Glad bags, as they may stink up their office or storage space.


Smelly Proof: Due to the barrier technology in Smelly Proof bags foods that are placed in our products stay fresh longer. Especially if as much air is removed from the bag as possible. By creating a safe ecosystem in the bag that does not allow air or moisture in the bag foods remain fresh longer and take longer for freezer burn to happen on foods placed in the freezer.

Ziploc & Glad: Due to the thin plastics used in these bags air and moistures easily can seep into the bag even when sealed creating a opportunity for spoiling and mold growth on the bags.


Smelly Proof: Smelly Proof bags are much thicker than Ziploc bags, so the consumer doesn’t have to worry about accidentally ripping the bag open or having it disintegrate over time. You can clean them out without smelling the last item that was stored in the bag. Plus, you’ll be able to open and reseal your Smelly Proof bags over and over.

Because of this, Smelly Proof bags are completely reusable. They are also a great option for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts who often have to store items in areas with lots of sharp twigs and rocks. These bags cannot be easily penetrated, so hikers don’t have to worry about attracting bears or other wildlife.

Ziploc & Glad: Their bags are not as thick or durable as Smelly Proof bags. They usually feature a thin layer of plastic that can easily be ripped open or punctured by a sharp object. This makes these bags less than idea for outdoor enthusiasts, as there’s a good chance that a rock, twig or animal will tear away at the lining of the bag. Because the plastic is so thin, reusing Ziploc bags can also be a challenge. They can hold residue or wither away over time, especially if you are washing them in hot water. Adding too much weight to a Ziploc bag will also cause it to rip open unexpectedly.

Materials Used

Smelly Proof: Smelly Proof bags are made with nontoxic medical-grade materials. All materials have been FDA-approved, ensuring lasting quality for the consumer. This allows the bags to be used over and over again without any loss in quality or odor protection. And all Smelly Proof bags are Made in the USA with materials from South Korea and the USA.

Ziploc & Glad: Ziploc and Glad, like many of the largest plastic manufacturers, outsource their efforts to companies overseas, which tend to use cheap, thin types of plastic. These materials can easily fall apart over time if the person tries to store too much in the bag or rinses it in hot water. Ziploc bags can also lose their ability to lock in odors over time, rendering them ineffective.

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