It’s Simple & Family Friendly

If you have, or know a picky-eating, ‘no food-touching allowed’ kid (or kid-at-heart) ..this product is a game changer! And not only does it change the food separation game, it also puts a fun, and colorful spin onto any plate! Functional and fun.. these clever cubbies not only separate food into nice, neat, and nifty nooks.. but you can say goodbye to flying food, as they also keep everything nicely contained on the plate. Finally.. a fun solution to an age old problem!
  • Strong Suction

    FoodCubby can suction to any flat surface, instantly creating a liquid-free suction seal.

  • Any Age

    FoodCubby can be used by any age for any reason, weather you need help scooping food, hate your food touching, or portion control.


    Each pack is inspected after made, and are all made from BPA-FREE food grade silicone making it safe for everyone.

  • Two Sizes

    Every pack comes with two sizes so that there is no issues fitting on both your smaller and bigger plates.

  • STEP 1

    BPA-FREE, FDA approved food safe silicone.

    1. Clean the bottom of the foodcubby and wet a little for a better suction.

  • STEP 2

    Strong Suction to almost any flat surface or smooth plate.

    2. Push down from corner to corner to ensure a strong suction.


    Strong suction allows the walls to be used as an edge to scoop food as well as seperate runny foods. Don’t lift the plate after it suctions 🙂

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FoodCubbys make for a great edge that can be used as a wall to push up food onto utensils.
Strong suction allows a tight seal to any flat surface, keeping foods apart, or for portioning meals.
Every FoodCubby is inspected and cleared for BPA-FREE/Food grade silicone, making it safe for anyone that uses it. You’re going to love these, no matter what age you might be!

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