Alpen has been bringing whole grain, positive starts to adventurous breakfasteers for over 45 years.



Keep it Simple

Muesli is a traditional breakfast blend of raw rolled oats, dried fruits and nuts that are a good source of fiber. Created in Switzerland in the late 1800s as a cornerstone of healthy living, muesli is no new kid on the block and is sometimes confused with granola. We like to think of muesli as granola’s fit and Swiss cousin. While both granola and muesli are made with grains, granola is often coated in oils and syrups and baked until crisp. The whole oats in muesli in its traditional form are uncooked and blended with dried fruits and nuts. Today, our Alpen cereals follow the same traditional recipe, with all the goodness that helps keep the Swiss active!

What Sets Us Apart

By its very nature, muesli is a ‘mixture’ of ingredients, blended to create something wholesome and nutritious yet incredibly tasty. This remains the inspiration behind all our products. We combine wholesome oats and wheat with delicious fruits, nuts and seeds to bring you tasty breakfasts that will give you a positive start to the day, or top you up when you need a boost.


We Believe In The Power Of A Good Breakfast

When it comes to your breakfast – only the best will do.

We want to help you make a positive start to each day with a well-rounded, nutritious and tasty breakfast that gives your body all the essentials it needs to feel ready to go. We believe breakfast really is the most important meal and what you eat when you wake up can set you up for whatever lies ahead.


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