As a physician and a mom, I realize the importance of good nutrition. I’m always reminding my kids to eat their vegetables and avoid junk foods…but when our son was diagnosed with cancer, making sure that he ate a balanced diet became even more challenging. While going through chemotherapy, all he wanted to eat was junk food and it drove us CRAZY!

We thought, “there must be something better out there for our kids to snack on; something that tastes good and is nutritious!”

It was challenging to find, so we decided to create it for our family and yours. Plus with every bag you buy, a percentage of our net profits go to help other families in need. So now you can snack “Better” and do “Good” all at the same time.



Better Than Good Snacks Protein Puffs


How Do We Compare?

Trust us we have been there. You are feeling a little empty, a little run down or need to give the kids a snack and want something quick, healthy, and filling. Opening up the pantry…all you see are big name snacks that have zero benefit to your health and lack even an ounce of nutrition.

Luckily for you, you won’t have that problem anymore! Our protein puffs have been scientifically engineered to give you all of the nutrients you need. The puffs have 25% of your daily vitamins, antioxidants & superfoods incorporated into each puff. Each serving has as much protein and calcium as 2 glasses of milk, but also has the vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrient equivalents of 2.5 cups of Broccoli, 3.5 cups of Beets, 5 Tomatoes, 7 cups of Spinach, and 2 Carrots.


With a whopping 16g of protein these puffs are a keto diet friendly substitution for salty carb-loaded snacks. Say goodbye to carb cravings with our all-natural high protein puffs that fit the keto snack requirements of low carbs and low sugar. Plus, it tastes way better than puffed cheese, pork rinds or low-carb bread!

Honestly, we should call this page the “Not even a comparison” because we simply blow everyone else out of the water. Check out the infographic below to see what we mean.


Better Than Good Snacks Protein Puffs Snack Comparison






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