The Fond Bone Broth Story

A Word From Our Founder

I’m on a mission to help everyone make home-cooked meals DELICIOUS and nourishing. From not knowing how to cook a vegetable to feeding a small army of four boys; if I can do it – anyone can become a home chef with these nourish and delicious bone broths! Whether you’re making macaroni and cheese or beef bourguignon, there’s a bone broth that pairs perfectly.

Bone broth had a significant impact on my health when I needed it most. As a young mom I found myself needing emergency surgery and fearing for my life – all from digestive issues! Just praying to wake up, when I did I made a life-changing choice to INVEST in my wellness from the inside out. Bone broth has a rich history that goes back thousands of years and spans cultural divides – but it is MISSING from most of our lives! When I started touting the benefits of bone broth I heard two responses; it was gross to make and it didn’t even taste good! It was then I realized my calling and it has been a wild ride.

People rave that our bone broth is the best they’ve ever tasted and the first meal they make with our broth is the best they’ve ever had. I LOVE showing people just how GOOD good-for-you can taste and encouraging others to invest in their wellness! Just read the reviews!

**Once in a while I get the chance to try something that really stands out, something that is made with such stellar quality, I can’t even describe it with words. As you can imagine, those products don’t come along very often. Yes, there are great products out there, but only a few shining stars.. and this my friends, is a shining star!

Not only is the rich, succulently fresh quality evident in the way it looks, but when you taste this bone broth, it will awaken a flavor palate that you never knew existed, and I haven’t even mentioned the health benefits yet! This is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. .. I’m not exaggerating! 


Handcrafted For Sipping, Delicious In Your Cooking!

When we started our company we wanted people to exclusively use bone broth to sip as a beverage. While we still say we’re brewed like a beer, infused like a tea, sipped like espresso, we found that customers LOVED cooking with the broth! Not only did it make their food incredibly delicious, they also felt EMPOWERED to try new and nourishing foods (beets, fennel, shiitake, turmeric, radish) just because we made them delicious.  This gave them the confidence to see wellness as a delight and not a chore.  We LOVE seeing the creations our customers make from the instant-pot to the morning skillet.

Female Founded, Family Run!

Hello from The Seelands!

Building a successful CPG company while raising four boys all before the age of 30? That’s a hard business, but we’re built Texas Tough. Sure, we’ve thrown our hands in the air, invested blood sweat and tears into building this thing from the ground up. But we’re proud to have held on through the tough times to build something our boys (oldest Age 6) now hopes to run when he grows up. They’re proud of FOND and we are too. Afterall, we almost lost it. In September 2017 our business experienced serious financial loss. It was our customers who INVESTED  into this product to ensure it didn’t go away. We’re not alone in our tenacious pursuit of something delicious, nourishing and excellent and we have our customers to thank for it.



A Firm FONDation

FOND means foundation or base in French. Our goal is to help people see broth as THE FOUNDATION of their culinary and nutritional lives. To do that we needed to make a product that was one we would be PROUD to feed to our family – toddlers included. Our team of Food Scientists helped us come up with a hot-fill process for refrigerated bone broths that keeps the flavor and the quality without the addition of acids or preservatives. Our customers can taste but also SEE that difference. Packaged in glass with custom illustrations from an Austin Texas artisan, our eco-conscious packaging is a something customers can feel good about using and recycling.


Our bone broth is super gelatinous and 100% free of gluten sugar carbs and fats – all third party verified. Our bone broth has 20 grams of protein per jar and is full of trace minerals you’ll be hard pressed to find in any other food. We exclusively use Pasture Raised chickens from USDA inspected sources and are currently undergoing Non-GMO certification. We are proud to be Go Texan and proud to share FOND with you! We love being customers and know you will too!



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