Just when you thought that coffee & bacon in the morning couldn’t get any better~ along comes this crazy culinary collision, and BOOM.. Good Morning, just turned into Great Morning! 

This bacon is next level amazing, with its sweet espresso glaze that perfectly balances the salty/smoky bacon, and will make waking up a pleasure. Make LOTS!

What you’ll need:

Bacon (1-2 lbs,)

1 cup water

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup instant espresso powder

1 tsp. Vanilla Bean Paste // OR a couple drops of vanilla extract


In a medium pot, simmer the water, brown sugar, espresso powder, and vanilla..just until they’re melted together and combined. (Don’t thicken it yet)

Let it cool a bit, and pour 3/4 of it over the bacon.. and let that soak for approx. 15 minutes or so, making sure that the bacon is completely and evenly coated …

Now lay the bacon in one even layer on a sheet pan and bake it at 350 degrees, until it’s fully cooked.

While the bacon is cooking, simmer the leftover coffee glaze until it’s somewhat thickened, stirring regularly. 

Baste the bacon with the thickened glaze once or twice as it cooks..

When the bacon is fully cooked, take it out and let it cool.. it will crisp up as it cools.

Then DIG IN to the BEST bacon EVER! ~Enjoy! 🙂


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