Simply put ::

It’s HOT here in Texas,

I love watermelon,

I love chocolate .. and I love adorably delicious, frozen treats! So here we are!  ~Make LOTS!

What you’ll need:

A watermelon, cut into spears

Chocolate.. CandiQuik works well

Sprinkles.. for cuteness – optional

A freezer


Cut the watermelon in half, and then cut off the rind from the edges…

Now slice it up in one direction…

Then turn the watermelon, and slice it in the other directions, creating the spears…

Melt the chocolate (according to the package instructions)

Dip each watermelon spear into the chocolate…

place them on some parchment/wax paper.. add some sprinkles, and put them into the freezer (OR FRIDGE) to set up and get nice and cold.

Then DIG IN! ~Enjoy! 🙂


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