THESE beautiful babies are one of the very best tasting things I’ve EVER-everrrr made! What more can I say?

Just take 10 minutes, and GO do this.. then please come back here, or find me somewhere and let me know if you agree! That’s it.. go do this, goooo! 🙂

What you’ll need: 

1 container of Pillsbury crescent dough sheet

Ice cream.. approx. 1 tbsp. per popper

oil for frying

powdered and/or cinnamon/sugar for sugaring

sprinkles for sprinkling


Roll out the dough sheet, and cut it into approx 2″ squares. Place a tbsp of your fave ice cream into the center…

Roll them up super tight…

Place them into the freezer as you heat up the oil to 350 degrees.

Fry them one at a time, until they’re evenly golden (this goes quickly) **AS SOON AS YOU FRY EACH ONE.. PUT THEM BACK INTO THE FREEZER UNTIL YOU’RE READY TO SERVE THEM!

Top them with some sugar or sprinkles because ummm.. CUTE!

And start POPPIN’! ~Enjoy! 🙂



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