Once in a great while there’s a brand that grabs you,  a name that pulls you in.. and it keeps you there, ‘Kansas City Steak Company‘ is one of them! Kansas City Steak Company is infamous, they’re time-tested, and an industry leader for all things meat!

Yes, welcome to Summer!

Dust off that patio, fire up that grill, and grab you some Kansas City Steaks! 

Perfect for Father’s Dayand/or any special carnivore in your life, The BIG DADDY BEEF BUNDLE is AMAZING! …and we can HOOK! YOU! UP!

**Now you can you enter “BITEITFD19” for a 15% off discount code (good through June 30, 2019) at checkout!



When this “BIG DADDY BEEF BUNDLE” arrived at my door, my heart skipped a beat! Just look at the presentation, the attention to detail.. this is the quality that Kansas City Steak Company delivers time after time! 

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