Here in LA, tastes openly converge and creativity flourishes
at every food truck, white tablecloth, and corner cafe.
At the epicenter of cross-cultural cuisine, we inspire the idea that modern deliciousness can happen right where you are, anytime,

So, go ahead, let it flow, mash-it-up,
celebrate life, and call it your own



Kumana Avocado Sauces are inspired by a beloved
Venezuelan staple, traditionally drizzled on grilled meats,
sautéed vegetables and regional sandwiches.

Crafted from real, creamy
avocados, fresh onion & bell
pepper, cilantro, garlic, &
just a splash of white
vinegar – Kumana works
on pretty much everything
you love to eat.

Kumana “Be Original” is truest to the classic from our childhoods
and travels. “Be Sweet” blends in a little mango love …
and for the full experience, “Be Hot” takes that mango and
finishes it off with just the right amount of habanero heat.

With great pride, we share our Avocado Sauce with you, to discover
new adventurous ways to make it your own, and pay it forward.


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