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Got Wrinkles?   We have you covered after only one use



CBD 30mg

Reveal your most youthful glow with the CBD Anti-Aging Mask! Clinically proven to lift, firm, tighten and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.   This all-natural formula provides instant relief from dry and dehydrated skin. Rye Seed Extract relaxes the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles.   A powerful blend of CBD and collagen peptides works to reduce inflammation and restore the skin’s natural radiance. Get glowing with theCBD Anti-Aging Mask.   

Our CBD is 99 % pure CBD with no THC.  We have COA’s for all our CBD isolates used in each mask.  

This is Us




After working for a high-end skincare company for 9 years, I came to the belief that I wanted to be a part of change in the beauty industry and develop natural, high quality skincare that is available at affordable price to everyone. I had this idea brewing in my head but it was not until after a long walk with my 15 year old daughter that Mantra Mask was really born. My daughter surrounds our home with beautifully done positive mantras, she is always creating and inspiring us with her positivity.  She pushed me that day to follow my dreams and create as well. Mantra Masks use natural ingredients to make your skin glow, but I hope you take the time while using our product to think about your Mantra and what makes you truly glow.. from the inside out!

Here are some of the personal mantras I live by, I hope they inspire you as well:

*Keep your head up and your heart open – think before you react and be proud of yourself

*Go slow and enjoy the journey  -whether you are eating, talking, driving, spending time with family

*Be easy going – don’t sweat the small stuff (it’s taken me 40 years to figure that out)

*Stand Together – Remember to respect those who came before you and stay united because there is strength in numbers

 *I KNOW that behind my success is a tribe of women who have gotten me here.  

 *I Believe That True Beauty Comes from Within.  Our Mantra Mask may seem to be about your outward appearance, but no matter how beautiful your skin, we all know that the true beauty that makes us shine comes from within!

Mantra Mask,  where all natural beauty meets inspiration


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