If your college kid is looking to revamp their dorm room, look no further than Blisslights lighting features. Tons of different lighting options to choose from to create the perfect, calming environment of a galaxy sky.


We believe that light is an experience.

And we design with that experience in mind.  

BlissLights specializes in creating unique indoor and outdoor laser lights that are ideal for different types of year-round applications. Our patented designs are transforming the lighting world. By redesigning the latest holographic, laser, and lighting technology—previously only used by lighting professionals—we make affordable, energy efficient and easy-to-use products available to all homeowners.


How did BlissLights begin? The first BlissLight was created after Randy Johnson, one of our founders and chief inventor at BlissLights, promised his daughter to help cure her fear of the dark. It was a star light projector that produced thousands of pinpoints of light over a nebula. At that moment, Randy knew he had to share his invention with the world. 

BlissLights first took off in major themeparks around the globe, including Disney parks and Universal Studios. Now, we’ve re-engineered our lights so you can create the same amazing effects in your own home. There’s nothing quite like the quality, durability, and magic of a BlissLight!

Who are we? We aim to be leaders in the laser light industry by engineering the most unique lighting experiences available to all, and of course to bring happiness in the form of light. From instant holiday decor to revolutionary landscape lighting to lively party atmosphere, BlissLights products are perfect for any occasion and lifestyle.

What is the BlissLights Experience? Watch the video below to see for yourself:


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