Oriendi introduces an incredible new flavor to 21st
century cuisines, adding a surprising twist to meat,
poultry, and many other dishes.

Middle-Eastern Sweetness
in Modern Cuisine

Oriendi’s complete line of naturally sweet date sauces offers 6 great healthy ways to raise the bar for budding and experienced chefs alike. Handy squeezable containers make these delectable sauces easy to use for baking, cooking, or sweetening food right at the table. Effortlessly transform any dish into a Middle Eastern delicacy.

Effortlessly transform any dish into a Middle Eastern delicacy. 

Oriendi brings the tangy sweetness of the Eastern Mediterranean straight to your table. Whether you’re looking for a healthy sweetener or a way to add sophistication to everyday dishes, Oriendi’s natural date sauces are the perfect addition to every meal. With a full range of flavors to choose from, it’s time to make a date with nature.

Chilli & Garlic


Light & Natural



Oriendi’s New Natural Date Sauces Add
Middle Eastern Flavor To Any Dish

  • Date syrup offers a healthy, natural alternative to sweeteners/sugar
  • Six sauce flavors for use in all sorts of dishes


Oriendi invites restaurants to make a date with nature with the launch of its six new date syrup-based sauces for cooking, baking and sweetening at the National Restaurant Association Show 2019, May 18th in Chicago, IL.


For thousands of years the natural sweetness of dates has been harnessed in gourmet cooking and condiments. Oriendi continues this tradition for the modern kitchen offering a healthy alternative to other sweeteners or sugar. Ordinary dishes now become surprising new culinary experiences infused with the authentic taste of the Middle East.

Its natural date sauces use only the highest quality ingredients and are packed with vitamins and minerals. As such, they’re a perfect fit for any kitchen looking to cater to the growing number of health-conscious consumers. The sauces are also suitable for use in the highly-popular vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

With a choice of six flavors, Oriendi’s sauces add an effortless Middle Eastern twist to all sorts of dishes from meats and casseroles to salads to desserts and drinks. The versatility of the range means there’s something to suit every palate and every meal – whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Available in Classic, Light & Natural, Grill, Sweet & Sour, Spicy and Chili & Garlic, every preference is catered for whether you want a delicate touch or something robust and tangy or aromatic and spicy. It’s not just about taste though. Oriendi sauces also add a tempting glazed look and fruity aroma to food to excite all the senses.


About Oriendi

Oriendi sauces are made using dates from Kinneret Farm. Established in 1933, the farm’s founders had the dream of reintroducing dates to Israel. More than 80 years on, Kinneret adheres to the same principals as its pioneers producing the finest quality dates on the market. Please visit our website for more information: www.oriendi.com


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