Aculief = Relief

All-natural headache and tension relief for people on the go.

What is Aculief?

Aculief is a one-time purchase that lasts forever. It uses your body’s own endorphins to heal headaches naturally. 

Award-Winning, Doctor Approved Wearable Acupressure™. Aculief provides pressure to the LI4 acupressure point. The LI4 has been used for thousands of years to provide natural headache and tension relief as well as promote your body’s natural energy.

Aculief provides:
• Natural Headache and Tension Relief
• Promotes Body’s Energy
• Works Fast
• Lasts Forever
• Designed for Active Lifestyles

Aculief is doctor approved and recommended by many leading Acupuncturists for effective self treatment.


Jon Doogan Lee Holden AculiefFounder Jon Doogan learned of the tremendous power of acupressure in college after telling his friend about his bad headache. His friend suggested he pinch his hand (on the LI4 acupressure point). Seemed like a strange suggestion, but Jon tried it that day and countless times since – each time finding headache relief.

Not one to keep good news to himself, Jon started sharing this effective, all-natural form of relief. He realized many people are aware of the power of the LI4 acupressure point. There are however, a few drawbacks to acupressure self-treatment including: 1. Sore thumbs from applying pressure, and 2. Being limited because both hands are in use.

Enter Aculief: our patented solution that can naturally help millions suffering from headaches while they go about their normal active lifestyles. Aculief (Acupressure Relief) has helped provide relief for nearly 20,000 people and we are just getting started. In addition to providing headache and tension relief, the LI4 also promotes your body’s natural energy (also known as Qi).

Aculief’s goal is to make Wearable Acupressure™ an affordable alternative available to everyone as an effective all-natural solution, to be used anytime, anywhere.


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