Most Advanced Alkaline. Refined.

Most Advanced Ionized Mineral Alkaline. Made in Minutes. Fits Any Water Bottle.

GoFiltr Alkaline Original in Hand

Engineering an
ultimate hydration
is our mission.

How it all began

We love alkaline water but our market is oversaturated with many pseudo products with misleading marketing, making it hard to figure out what’s real and what’s not. After analyzing ingredients in bottled alkaline waters which are full of baking soda, and testing many other alkaline products, we discovered that many manufacturers lack the knowledge and science of alkaline water, how their products work, and what they are made of.

GoFiltr was developed to create an ultimate hydration experience without compromise. Originally, it started as our own, highest-quality, personal-use alkaline infuser. After testing over 100 ingredients from multiple sources and manufacturers, we hand-picked just a few as the rest didn’t pass our basic quality tests. We loved our infusers and so did our friends and family, that’s when we got inspired to share our innovative infusers with all of you. By early 2018, we spent more than 12,000 hours developing, refining and testing our proprietary formula, and preparing to unveil GoFiltr. We never stop improving – we are always searching for new unconventional and responsible ways to create better products, refining the current, improving customer experience, and continue innovating on a daily basis as inspired by your feedback.


  • make our products in California
  • love and use our own products
  • use only the highest quality ingredients
  • test everything in our own lab
  • validate our results in State Certified water testing facilities in California
  • put quality, ease of use, and customer experience first
  • we believe feedback is a gift
  • our credo is integrity without compromise


  • use FDA logos on our products, it’s illegal, misleading and simply unethical
  • we don’t use baking soda to cheat the process
  • we don’t practice fake reviews or troll our competitors – instead, we spend every minute creating amazing products and providing best customer experience
GoFiltr Founders

The Founders

Travis leads day-to-day operations while Dmitri is responsible for all things creative, product development and software-related. The brains, the art, and the agility.

GoFiltr sioFuse Mineral Ionized Antioxidant Formula Mineral pH ORP

Our Process

Sourcing Purest Ingredients.

During our R&D process our goal was to create “no compromise” alkaline water, that’s why we sourced and tested more than 100 ingredients from multiple locations but only a few passed our tests. Our ingredients come from several sources & manufacturers, including Southern California, Minnesota, and Inner Mongolia.

Less Magic. More Testing.

Magic can be fun but belongs to circus, that’s why we use various testing equipment and processes to validate pH, ORP, potency over time, and other parameters. Additionally, we validate our data at State Certified Water Testing facilities right here in California. More than 12,000 hours spent on creating a perfectly balanced alkaline formula you won’t find anywhere else.

Small Batch Production.

We make GoFiltrs only in small batches. No matter where you purchase your GoFiltr, it most likely was made in last 30 days right here in California.

Always Fresh.

We never overstock and only make what we expect to sell. While this can be constraining we want to make sure each GoFiltr arrives fresh.

Listen, Improve, Repeat.

We review customer feedback and suggestions on a weekly basis, which allows us to refine and make improvements at lightning speeds, just as you’d expect from any small startup in Silicon Valley. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we want to hear from you so we can make our next production better for everyone!

Made in California

Responsibly made in California, USA.

Each GoFiltr helps to eliminate up to 750 plastic water bottles from our landfills and oceans. Our packaging is made of 100% recycled paper pressed into a hard shell box that can be used to air-out and store GoFiltr when it’s not in use. 1% from all sales is donated to various charities that’s on a mission to reduce plastic pollution from our beaches and oceans.


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