Our Mission is Simple:

Change the way the world sweats.


NoSweat® is a lifestyle brand and manufacturer of products built to increase performance, safety and hygiene for anyone who sweats and wears some type of hat, helmet, visor, or hard hat. Our goal is to provide innovative products that improve how people work, play and live.

To live up to our reputation in 2018, we are excited to announce the launch of a brand NEW lineup of game-changing products. Late spring we will start rolling out new NoSweat® performance liners that integrate our new patented sweat technologies and cater to new markets and applications. On top of this, we are going to be launching new products lines for NoSweat® branded hats, headwear and apparel.

NoSweat has achieved explosive growth and been able to turn its mission into a reality in 2017. Thanks to our loyal customers, pro athlete endorsements, new partnerships and the amazing team at NoSweat the company has grown from a two-man startup operation in the founders’ basement to its new Headquarters in Minnesota with dozens of employees.


No Sweat is a Disposable Liner & Sweat Absorber that sticks on the inside of any hat, cap, mask or helmet and soaks up sweat so you do not have sweat dripping down onto your face and into your eyes or glasses while you are playing or training.


Company History

Circa 2008, our founder, Justin Johnson, was attending an upper-level business class at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. The main goal was for the students to create business plans for potential products/companies they believed in. Justin took this task home with him to discuss with his close friends and family. The idea for NoSweat was conceptualized around the dinner table that weekend.

People wearing hats, helmets and hard hats have been sweating for years, but there is no simple solution for controlling this sweat and the negative side effects it has on these individuals. From sweat burning your eyes, moisture causing masks/shields to fog up, sweat stains ruining your favorite hat and even helmet acne, the NoSweat team knew they had something when they patented the disposable Performance Liner!

Cotton headbands do a great job at pulling in moisture but remain wet to the touch. They also don’t fit well under helmets. What does fit well underneath a helmet? A skull cap! Where skull caps do a great job at wicking away sweat off of the head, the moisture has nowhere to go. So, it ends up running out of the headwear and onto the individual’s face. Okay…. what works then? NoSweat! Our patented technology wicks away sweat by pulling it into the product, keeping the user sweat free with a clean dry surface.

Now in 2018, NoSweat® has tested their product across multiple markets. The company has also penetrated many professional markets starting with the New York Rangers in the NHL.  There are now 27 teams who regularly wear the product in their helmets. Their biggest customer to date is the NHL Officials Association, who ordered over 21,000 of the Performance Liners for the 2017-2018 NHL season. But hockey isn’t the only market seeing the benefits from wearing the product. PGA, NASCAR, F1, PGA, Motocross, MLB, Military, Police, Construction, etc. have used the product and it has been a huge hit!! The need is there, the product works, the pros are wearing it, now it is time to get it in the hands of the masses!


EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 1 (615) 697-9328

ADDRESS: 5421 Feltl Rd, Suite 160, Minnetonka, MN 55343

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