Gray Matters Games Ridiculous Expositions an Adult Card Game That is an Adult Party Game Best Played as an Adult Drinking Game or as a Game Night Game for Adults – NSFW





Ridiculous Expositions is the word game that seems innocent, sounds indecent and sure is good for hours of naughty laughs.

Two teams compete to discover which saucy expressions lie beneath the surface phrases. Watch your friends sounds out dirty phrases without even realizing it! But that’s not all. Each round there’s a Swinger. This smooth lady or gent gets the chance to take one (or a few) for their team by stealing any unsolved cards during the round. There’s seven rounds of enjoyment. Whoever’s got the biggest stack at the end wins the game.

Ridiculous Expositions is perfect for lovers of crude humor with quick and dirty minds. This game is SOFA KING AWE SUM!



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