Hi! We’re Moodbeli!

A pure, easy, and indulgent way to experience the world’s most revered ingredients. Inspired by ancient wisdom, our blends are delicious swirled into plant milks, smoothies, coffees, teas, juices and other delicious wellness recipes. Our ingredients are always vegan, organic or wildcrafted, and ethically-sourced.



_Our self-care philosophy

We believe that self-care only becomes habit when it’s easy and indulgent. We think of our products as the perfect addition to your modern wellness rituals—a mindful cup of tea after waking, a refreshing almond milk tonic in the afternoon, a luscious raw cacao elixir before bed. Although we don’t need anything except the mind to be mindful, we’ve found that creating a tonic herb ritual helps increase the chances that we take a mindful minute (or twenty) to check in with ourselves every day.

…and product quality is everything

We are ridiculously concerned with the quality of our ingredients. We work only with suppliers who are USDA Organic Certified, Fair Trade Certified, Non-GMO Project Certifiedand Rain Forest Alliance Certified. We never use sugars or sweeteners in our products—although you can sweeten your tonics to taste with your sweetener of choice.

Made by local food entrepreneurs

We first became passionate about adaptogens and botanical medicine in 2010 in Costa Rica, where we ran a chocolate shop specializing in treats made from locally-grown, heirloom cacao and coffee. Here we were inspired by the transformative power  of rainforest plants (like cacao, maca, reishi, turmeric, gotu kola and other adaptogens). We experienced their capacity to boost well-being.

Our goal was to offer these ancient cherished ingredients in a way that was easy and delicious. We interviewed experts, farmers, and food makers, and tested hundreds of recipes to bring you what is now Moodbeli.


Q: What are adaptogens?

A: Organic plants and mushrooms that help the body adapt to physical, environmental and emotional stress.

Q: Can I use multiple Moodbeli products at the same time?

A: Yes! Our blends are formulated to support each other by targeting the body’s natural defense systems.

Q: How many servings can I have per day?

A: Enjoy up to two servings per blend per day.

Q: How long does my product last?

A: If stored properly (in a dry place out of direct sunlight) your Moodbeli will last for 12 – 14 months.

Q: Can I use Moodbeli if I am pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications?

A: Please check with your healthcare practitioner!


Mushroom Adaptogen



This blend of adaptogenic reishi, cordyceps and raw organic cacao may nourish the immune system and enhance well-being. Tastes like rich cocoa when mixed with plant milk of choice—no mushroom taste!

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