The only food storage bag tested with real bears!


Smelly Proof has been an industry leader since 2000 and we pride ourselves on creating indispensable quality products and delivering unparalleled customer service to our customers.

Our smell proof bags are created to keep odors out of almost any environment and inside the bags where they belong.

Whether you are at home storing cut up onions, leftovers or dirty diapers or on the go camping, fishing or traveling, Smelly Proof bags are flexible smell proof containers made just for you. There’s no problem that’s too big or too small as Smelly Proof come in a wide variety of assorted sizes and styles.


Smelly Proof heavy duty plastic bags are medical grade, durable, reusable and exceed USDA standards for storage food items and are made with sturdy locking zippers. The products are liquid, moisture & puncture resistant and are far and away tougher than what you will find at your local grocery store. They are made to last and can even be washed and used again.




At Smelly Proof we are dedicated to continuing to grow our product lines to fulfill our customers’ needs and working to lessen our environmental impact.

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