Stuffed Puffs changed the s’mores game when the brand released marshmallows that are stuffed with chocolate. It killed two birds with one stone and made for a fun spin on the campfire snack. Now it’s coming out with a S’mores Kit that includes the one missing ingredient.

The Stuffed Puffs S’mores Kit comes with one 10-ounce bag of the original chocolate-filled marshmallows and two sleeves of graham crackers. What’s so special about this s’mores kit compared to any of the others?

If you’ve ever made a s’more, you know that the marshmallow you roast doesn’t get hot enough to melt the chocolate, so you’re left with a gooey marshmallow and a hard piece of chocolate. Since the chocolate is inside the marshmallow, it also melts, so you have an all-gooey combination between two graham crackers.



Except, all too often, the chocolate doesn’t melt.

Stuffed Puffs has chocolate inside, so it melts while the marshmallow is roasting. You get a perfect S’more, every time. The manufacturing process is proprietary. The result is eminently shareable, America’s favorite sweet treat. Stuffed Puffs is the textbook definition of making a good thing better.


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