At the top of Australia’s social traditions is the great Aussie barbie. Practically every home in Oz has a barbeque in their backyard or their condo balcony. In local parks, there are numerous barbeque pits that you can use anytime. On top of that, the majority of Aussies will know of at least one mate who owns a portable grill. The reason for this infatuation with the barbie is that it is a great way to relax and bond with family and friends over delicious food. Now, you can cook your own version of an amazing Australian barbeque feast right in your own home to fire up your cold winter.

Start the Feast with Nibblers and Salads

An authentic Australian barbeque is never complete without those side nibblers and salads. There are biscuits, cheese, strawberries, chopped cabanossi, French onion dips, nuts, and crackers on platters that you can nibble on while waiting for the main course to cook. Wait in style while sipping a cool glass of the light white Delatite Estate Mansfield Chardonnay 2018. In addition to these side dishes, the meat selections should be paired with mixed dishes like a fresh pasta salad, potato salad, Greek salad, and the traditional coleslaw. You can also choose to make a salad based on the bountiful harvest of the season like the Honey Winter Salad with butternut squash, parsnips, spinach, and red onions. 

Choose a Great Selection of Aussie Meat Cuts

The traditional Aussie barbeque is based on high-quality red meat. From that category alone, you are spoiled for choice with offerings like snags, prime rib cuts, lamb chops, steaks, sausages, and burger patties with sides of grilled onions, capsicums, and mushrooms. Your choice red meat will go with a nice full-bodied red wine that is rich in tannins and Shiraz. You can also grill skewers of chicken breast, marinated prawns, and fillet of fish – all of which pair perfectly with a light wine. Thankfully, you can easily order white wine online, along with your other favorite beverages and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Prep the Dessert to Cap the Meal

When the main meal is finished, now’s the time to bring out the sweet treats. No self-respecting Aussie barbeque is truly done without scrumptious desserts. Pavlova is the number one dessert in Oz. This contains sweet fruits like kiwis and strawberries sitting on a sweetened bed of whipped cream over a base of delicate soft meringue. You can choose to vary your toppings by adding chocolates and other fruits. Cheesecake is also another Aussie favorite, as a fresh trifle is a delectable dessert made with sherry infused sponge cake that is layered with custard, whipped cream, and fruits. Pair this with a light dessert rose wine.

Even if winter is coming, don’t be afraid to fire up that grill and create a grand Aussie feast. Shake things up a bit and take out your griller during the cold weather, so you can warm up your belly with delicious grilled food while sharing a heart-warming conversation with your loved ones.


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