The Better-for-U
Hemp CBD Beverage

Sparkling Hemp CBD Tonics
With Prebiotics & Antioxidants,
Free of Sugar or Sweeteners.No Sugar, No Sweeteners, No Caffeine. UbU Sparkling functional tonics  provide antioxidants for an immune system boost, prebiotics to support digestive health, and electrolytes to promote hydration. 

Our Story

We started UbU because we had a thirst for something healthy, authentic and true to our values.

Healthy means filled with stuff we need every day, like prebiotics and adaptogens, and none of the things we don’t, like sugar or sweeteners. To be authentic, we source the best organic ingredients, like antioxidant-rich baobab superfruit from Africa. True to our eco-conscious convictions, our bottles, labels and boxes are plastic-free and earth-friendly as can be.


Some call it “ooboo”, we like to call it “you-be-you”.

UbU is all about being your best, authentic self. It’s about celebrating the mindful, everyday decisions that keep you healthy and help you find your balance.

UbU is made for everyday life. For those moments you need energy and focus to get things done, or when you just need to relax and take the edge off. It was made for those who understand that refreshing doesn’t rhyme with sweet and for those who believe there is such a thing as too much caffeine in a day (seriously folks).

UbU is more then the sum of its parts. It’s a sophisticated statement about mindfulness, self-confidence and leading a healthy, balanced life.

Be your best, be yourself.

Carlos and Marc




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