When Pies Fly

Just as she did in PIE SQUARED, food writer Cathy Barrow is expanding our perception of pastries.

Inspired by specialties across the globe, she has redefined her view of pie to mean anything wrapped up in pastry dough. These pies and pie-adjacent treats creations are unencumbered by pans and open to creative adaptations. Her original recipes—traditional specialties mixed with contemporary flair—give us first class, crowd-pleasing galettes, empanadas, strudels, stromboli, knishes, pie poppers, and more.

Cathy demystifies the often-daunting subject of pastry-making, giving clear instructions and easy-to-understand techniques that guide the rolling pin novice and the experienced dough wrangler alike to dozens of shapes and styles of crusty, flaky, delicious treats. WHEN PIES FLY includes 75 delicious creations like Sesame Chicken Hand Pies, Bet You A Blueberry Hand Pies, Bahn Mi Tarts, Pork Pastor Empanadas, Pineapple and Toasted Coconut Kolache, and Spiced Apple Strudels, perfect for lunchboxes, dinner parties, road trips, and picnics. These handy offerings go from freezer to oven, and will win over everyone at the table.

The ultimate mix of nostalgic favorites and new pastry creations, WHEN PIES FLY is a deepdive into the sweet and savory world of pies in all of their portable forms.

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