Show Stopper-Table Topper-Wine Veil! Tis the Season to entertain!  This is the time of year when being a little “extra” is fine. Whether you need a hostess gift, a gift for someone you don’t know very well…or to just dress up your holiday gathering the Wine VEIL® is a perfect choice! These beautiful veils sit over any wine glass or bottled and will bring color and sparkle to any holiday party this season. The soft and simple 5” x 5”  squares are made with high-quality organza in a variety of exquisite color swatches (we love the holiday color set) and each one is weighted with beautiful silver charms of dragonflies and grape leaves. The result is a shimmery, sheer drape or VEIL over each wine glass, decanter, bottle or any glass giving a little “extra” special look to your gathering. Also, great in the summer for “al fresco” gatherings, because they keep flying leaves, bugs and dust out of your glass! Available at or on Amazon. 

A Passion Unveiled

It happened one late summer evening in Denver as a group of friends were sitting in the yard enjoying a beautiful Sonoma Pinot Noir. Two of the friends, who were visiting from the Sonoma wine region, placed plastic sandwich bags upside down over their wine glasses. Kelly asked, “What the heck?” The response:  “We always do this to keep bugs out of our glass. Fruit flies are everywhere.” Kelly thought, “Hmmm — legitimate problem with an awkward solution.” Hence, wine VEIL® was born in September of 2010.

The wine VEIL® is a new product designed by Kelly Egan with a main function of protecting open and poured wine from insects and other flying objects such as leaves or dirt. The form of the wine VEIL® is soft and simple as it is made from a 5″ x 5″ finished piece of organza and is weighted on each corner with beautiful silver charms. The effect is a beautiful sheer drape or VEIL over a wine glass, decanter or bottle.

Outside dining and socializing often includes wine. As glasses are at rest, they are the perfect target and sugar source for a variety of insects. Fruit flies, gnats and wasps enjoy a dip in a wine glass when afforded the opportunity. Wine drinkers are usually not in favor of unwanted bugs floating in their precious wine! Enter the wine VEIL® — a beautiful and sheer piece of fabric with stylishly weighted corners — the perfect solution!  Bugs stay out and the wine can breathe. The wine VEIL® also enhances the look of the wine glass at rest.

Egan 0865Rbw.jpg

Kelly Egan

is the inventor and founding partner of Wine VEIL, LLC. Her vision is simple: protect the wine without swatting or spraying the bugs away, and enhance the beauty of the wine in a glass while allowing the wine to breathe. As an entrepreneur and creative business leader, Kelly has successfully jump started multiple ventures and wine VEIL® is her latest creation. Hope is her faithful guide dog and they live together in sunny San Diego, California.

Meet the Wine VEIL Team.

We are small but mighty…

Bob and Okja…make it happen!
Okja creates the wine VEIL® sets with her experienced and skilled hands.
Bob manages the process, inventory and delivery. A simply amazing duo.

Our Inspiration.

Sipping wine outdoors is a time for relaxation… not extermination.
Wine and bug spray are not companion ingredients.
To enjoy drinking wine outdoors there are only three essentials:  wine, a glass and a wine VEIL.®
wine VEIL® is unique, intriguing, smart, cool, elegant, stylish, provocative… and all that!

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