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I founded Difference Coffee Co. with a single aim, to identify the world’s best coffees, and to make them available to discerning coffee lovers.

Similar to wine, Arabica coffee is graded using a 100 point system, which was created by the the Speciality Coffee Association. Only licensed judges, known as Q Graders, can score coffee based on attributes such as flavour, aroma, aftertaste, etc. The tastiest of coffees, scoring 80 points and over, are deemed ‘Specialty grade’, representing a mere 1% of the world’s total coffee production.



Equipped with this knowledge I’ve asked myself, ‘is it possible to go country by country, terroir by terroir, and identify the single estate which has managed to produce the highest scoring beans?’ I was ecstatic when I learnt that this pursuit is relatively easy to attain – following regional coffee competitions which are part of the fabric of the coffee industry.

Difference Coffee Co. now sources from the most prestigious and most rigorous coffee competitions, including: Cup of Excellence, Best of Panama and the annual Kona Cupping Competition. To illustrate the level of scrutiny, a Cup of Excellence competition, with 300 entries, will consist of six rounds of evaluation by both national and international juries, with a total of 9,020 cups having been analysed before the top 10 winners are announced. Remarkably, the 10 finalists would have been cupped no fewer than 280 times. Our current collection, therefore, represents some of the rarest and highest graded Arabica coffees in the world.

We take roasting very seriously at Difference Coffee Co. and for this purpose we have teamed with one of the best master roasters in the world, Jonny England. Jonny is not only one of 5 Q Graders in the whole of Europe with the license to grade both Specialty Arabica and Fine Robusta, but he is also an authorised trainer in the science of roasting for the Speciality Coffee Association. In addition, Jonny is an acting Head Judge for both World Barista Championship and World Brewers Cup.

Finally, for the convenience of the home user, we package our champion beans in capsules compatible with the Nespresso®* system. These retain coffee freshness, avoid loss of flavours caused by degassing and oxidising of the beans, and ensure a perfectly balanced extraction – consistency of flavour at the touch of a button.


For Hotels and restaurants, Difference Coffee Co. is also able to supply whole roasted beans, and has already become the choice of London’s most exclusive establishments, including The Four Seasons Hotel at Ten Trinity Square, Harry’s Bar, Mark’s Club, La Dame de Pic London and The Wellesley Hotel, to name a few.


To join our club and purchase our coffees, please visit our ‘Acquire’ page and receive our monthly coffee allocation offers.

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