Inspired by our award-winning Roli Roti food truck, our Heirloom Potatoes are sous vide in organic chicken drippings (our potatoes on our truck are usually the lucky recipients of the drippings from the chickens roasting above it) to ensure they’re perfectly cooked and ready for a quick broil in the oven to crisp them up! Included is a packet of our house-made rosemary grey sea salt to give these potatoes the finishing touch!


Butcher’s by Roli Roti is the retail brand of Roli Roti, a company that originally began as a food truck. Founded in 2002 by Thomas Odermatt, Roli Roti grew its single gourmet rotisserie food truck (“Roli Roti” stands for “Rolling Rotisserie”) to a fleet of six and created the Butcher’s by Roli Roti line of products in 2015, debuting with its organic bone broth.

The philosophy of Butcher’s is simplicity. Our goal is to make convenient products that empower home cooks to make more delicious and nutritious food at home without any extra time or effort. You have better things to worry about.

About Thomas Odermatt

Thomas is a third-generation butcher hailing from Switzerland. Growing up in his family’s award-winning butcher shop, Thomas literally has butchery in his veins. After moving to the Bay Area for university, Thomas opened Roli Roti, America’s first rotisserie food truck.

Thomas’ expertise goes far beyond just his food truck and his butchery mastery; if you ask him, he’ll always say he’s a farmer first. In fact, even as a butcher, Thomas believes in eating less meat and rather encourages just eating better quality meat and eating with the seasons. Caring deeply about agriculture and how we source our food, Thomas has established himself as a culinary fixture with long-standing relationships with some of the best chefs and farmers in the Bay Area because of his love and understanding of our food ecosystem.

Along with a small team, Thomas operates his own USDA facility in Oakland, California. He lives in Berkeley with his wife, daughter, and dog.


 Roli Roti, the Bay Area food truck turned artisanal food production company, will offer the newest item in its line of premium products, Roli Roti Farmers Market Heirloom Potatoes, at select Costco stores in California.

The Farmers Market Heirloom Potatoes are cooked “sous vide” in a mixture of Butcher’s organic Chicken Bone Broth and organic chicken drippings. Perfectly cooked (so no fear of overcooking), the potatoes only require 10 minutes in the oven or under the broiler to crisp them up.

The renowned potatoes on the Roli Roti food trucks capture their flavor from the chicken drippings landing from the roasting chickens spinning above them. To mimic the richness and flavor, Roli Roti is using the sous vide method to cook their packaged Farmers Market Heirloom Potatoes with only simple, clean and organic ingredients, specifically: Fingerling potatoes, organic chicken drippings, organic chicken bone broth (chicken bones, carrots, and water), spices, and garlic.

The potatoes are also packed with Roli Roti’s house-made rosemary sea salt, which is also a popular food truck item and can be added to the potatoes for a fragrant finishing touch.  

“We are excited to offer our heirloom potatoes at select Costco locations,” said Roli Roti Founder, Thomas Odermatt. “The potatoes are an iconic dish from our truck, rivaling our porchetta sandwich. As one of the best- sellers of our truck, we wanted to make our rotisserie potatoes available for customers to enjoy at home with the same food truck quality and flavor. It took countless hours of testing to achieve the perfect result for this recipe to ensure the Roli Roti food truck experience could be replicated at home.”

Butcher’s by Roli Roti Chicken Bone Broth is also now available at select Costco locations, allowing for nutritious cooking with an ingredient that can be used for a variety of dishes, especially during the holidays, for meats, gravies, stuffing, and side dishes.

The Roli Roti Farmers Market Heirloom Potatoes are currently available at the following California Costco locations:

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